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Every Moment is Dear

Welcome to Dear Little Films, a wedding videography studio that knows your wedding is not just an event.  It’s the beginning of a different life; a gathering of everyone you love; memories to hold onto forever.  We’re here to preserve it all so you can experience those moments again and again.  Because every moment is dear.


We LOVE it!!!!! Can’t stop smiling!!!!  We love reliving our special day through this video! My dad said it was worth every penny!!


~ Rhyan, bride


We want EVERYONE to have a video of their wedding.  Whether you hire us or someone else, PLEASE hire a videographer.  You’ll regret it if you don’t.  We’ve heard it too many times to believe otherwise.  Flowers die, food is eaten, but video lasts forever.

No. 1

We play well with others.  We always try to coordinate with your photographer so we all get the best shots without bombing each other.

No. 5


Watch the videos of any videographer you’re considering hiring, and ask questions.  If you don’t, then don’t be surprised by what you get.  We all offer different things and VERY different styles and skill sets.  WATCH THE VIDEOS!

No. 2

It’s almost always true that you get what you pay for.

No. 3

We’re not in your face.  Our ninja power is strong.

No. 6

Yes, everything you’ve heard about your wedding weekend being a whirlwind is true.  You WILL NOT REMEMBER IT ALL.  

No. 4

No. 7

Your rehearsal dinner is the only time in your life when everyone you love is in the same room, saying wonderful things about you.  Wouldn’t you like to have a video of that?  We offer toasts coverage, too.

dear katie and michael
dear audrey and aafram
dear amanda and brian
dear valinda and dewayne
dear rhyan and trey
dear caroline and wells
  • May I add additional hours of coverage?
    Yes, at $150.00 per hour. But let’s chat about your schedule first, because that may not be necessary.
  • May I add a second videographer?
    No. Dear Little Films only offers single-videographer coverage. For coverage by two videographers, please visit our other studio, Frameblender Films.
  • Who chooses the music for our film?
    We choose the song(s) used for your film, but if you’d like to help, let’s talk. We only use licensed music offered through and We’re happy to consider any selections you like from those services, if they fit the format and length we require for your film.
  • Why are the 8 hours of coverage consecutive, and why can’t I split them up?"
    Your videographer is there to capture your day, probably after traveling, and usually working at multiple locations. He/she is paid for those 8 hours, so it wouldn’t be fair to ask them to take unpaid downtime during your wedding day in order to spread out your coverage hours. If you’d like more hours covered, you can add them (see FAQ #1), or upgrade to Frameblender Films.
  • When will my film be delivered?
    Depending on our editors’ schedules, turnaround is approximately 2-4 months. Expect longer turnaround times at the end of the year/during holidays.

Thanks for submitting!

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